Ancient Egypt Research Paper

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The meaning of the Egyptian art was limited to its function and the target audience for which an object was designed.

Not only the ideological role, which was addressed in the previous paragraph but also the function as it is: the practical purpose of the particular object.

The next issue supporting the idea of the ideological purpose of the Egyptian art is the concept of canon, the availability of which proves the correctness of the point that not only was the number of the possible watchers limited based on their societal status, but also that the author himself did not have much freedom of representation.

Robins and Fowler, when exploring this phenomenon, create a division between the so-called informal art (which is of no significance in this particular case), and the formal art, which, according to the authors, had a predefined way to the picturing of figures, and had “a limited number of poses, standing, sitting, or kneeling” (Robins and Fowler 21).

The secondary features of Egyptian art included its functionality, that is, the purpose for which the particular object was designed, and the sophisticated technology used for the artwork production; but the primary feature of it was its ideological impact on the citizens, the mysteriousness and the secretiveness, which made the individual feel his insignificance in comparison to the gods or the representatives of sovereignty.

Ancient Egypt Research Paper

A piece of the Egyptian art always reflects the particular thought, while the art object itself is the way to transmit the idea from the representatives of the sovereignty to the society.

While one could not exist without the other, it is essential to address these elements to identify the function of the Egyptian art and its impact on the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The meaning of the Egyptian art can be defined as a combination of both ideology and aesthetics.

Art was limited by not only ideology but also societally predetermined purposes.

The fact that there was no “art” as it also supports the point that the function of it was either defined by the ability of an object to be of some practical use, or by the possibility of using it for support of the hierarchical system.


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