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Learn a foreign language, practice your multiplication table or prepare for your MCAT by memorizing every bone in the body.Whatever it is you want to learn, Cram has you covered.

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Listeners may still derive pleasure from hearing external sounds cleverly imitated in music, but no one asserts that a composer is being a decadent or a charlatan if he fails to produce such imitations.

Nor is it believed that these imitations are prior in importance to the forms of music itself, still less that they constitute those forms.

Even from Classical painting we have inherited a number of depressing stories, of birds pecking painted grapes and the like, suggesting that Greek painters took their greatest pride in concocting trompe l'oeil puzzles.

The development of perspective painting in the Renaissance gave a great prestige to such skills, the suggesting of three dimensions in a two-dimensional medium being essentially a trompe l'oeil device.

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