An Essay About Importance Of English Language

An Essay About Importance Of English Language-4
We can also propagate our theories among the international audience and readers.We can make use of English to promote our worldview and spiritual heritage throughout the globe.

A language is a systematic means of communication by the use of sounds or conventional symbols.

It is the code we all use to express ourselves and communicate to others. It is the mental faculty or power of vocal communication.

Swami Vivekananda established the greatness of Indian view of religion at the world conference of religions in Chicago in 1893. Many spiritual gurus have since converted thousands of English people to our spirituality by expressing their thought and ideas in masterful English.

English has thus become an effective means of promoting Indian view of life, and strengthening our cultural identity in the world.

Realizing the importance, recently, the Minister of Indian Railways, Laloo Prasad Yadav, demands teaching of English language in schools.

The great demand for admission in English medium schools throughout the country is a testimony to the attraction of English to the people of India.

A set of linguists who based their assumptions of language on psychology made claims that language is nothing but ‘habit formation’.

According to them, language is learnt through use, through practice.

The actual meaning of words and combinations of words is defined by the language’s semantics.

The latest and the most advanced discoveries and inventions in science and technology are being made in the universities located in the United States of America where English language is the means of scientific discourse.


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