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A significant genre in the humanities is the anthology, collections of poems, stories, essays, artwork, etc, selected, researched, and annotated by an editor.Students can take on this role of editor, acting as curator and commentator as they establish a sense of authority and ownership over the material (Chick, 2002).An effective research assignment targets specific skills, for example, the ability to trace a scholarly argument through the literature or the ability to organize consulted resources into a bibliography.

Finally, a poster may also represent the narrative of a project, such as an analysis of a novel, a chronology of interactions, or a conversation between theorists or even between hypothetical figures of different eras–anything that might be told in narrative form, along with an overarching analysis.

Wilbur Wright Elementary (New Castle, IN) first grade teacher Kristi Dixon had her class study the arctic continent: its culture, people, animals, climate, land, etc.

As a class they generated an alphabetical list of 26 things they learned.

They make intentional decisions about which pieces to include, what contexts to provide in their editorial notes, and even what paper, binding, font, and illustrations to use.

If the pieces are short enough, as in a poetry anthology, students can be required to write or type the pieces themselves “to engage with every letter, every punctuation mark, every capital or lower-case letter, and every line break, and to consider the meanings of these choices by the poet” (p. They include a title page, table of contents, prologue, and epilogue framing their anthology.


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