Alphabet Book Report

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If you can match the theme to a child’s particular interest, then you may have a winner.The first step toward reading is spotting letter shapes and giving them names.Flashcards would get the job done, but where’s the fun?From the images he crafted and the words he put on display, I could almost taste the tang and sugar of this great music.As the title suggests, Neil builds his book, available for at https:// Hitek Group LLC/thejazzalphabet, around the 26 letters of the alphabet, offering a two-page spread for a single music-maker for each letter.Fortunately, there are alphabet books for every taste — hundreds, in fact, from the simplest name-the-letter books to those that present puzzles and challenges for older elementary-age children and even adults.Alphabet books stopped being just for pre- and beginning readers long ago.You can learn your letters and your animals and begin developing a civic conscience all in one go.Recently there has been a trend toward oversize, action-packed alphabet books presumably geared toward boys, though we could all use a little adrenaline now and then. Demarest has two of these: Alpha Bravo Charlie with a military theme and Firefighters A to Z. ”For children suffering from alphabet anxiety, a shot of humor can save the day.Trying to figure out what makes a good alphabet book is like determining what makes a good meal for a child.It’s a matter of taste as well as developmental maturity.


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