Affordable Care Act Essay

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The Affordable Health Care Act is a health law that was enacted by the administration of president Obama in March 2010.Also called Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, the law mainly aims at providing opportunities for health care to uninsured Americans.

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In short, the Act provides a comprehensive solution to the health care difficulties experienced by uninsured Americans.

Despite the numerous benefits of the Act, it has been found by some segments of the American population to be controversial.

The primary components are: (1) the insurance mandate, also known as the individual mandate; (2) state-run individual health exchanges; (3) federally run high risk pools; (4) premium credits and cost-sharing subsidies; and (5) expanded Medicaid coverage for families earning up to 133 percent of the federal poverty line (FPL).

While recently arrived LPRs, nonimmigrants, and undocu­mented immigrants may avail themselves of the federal emergency Medicaid program for immediate and severe medical emergencies, they are unable to access preventative and nonemergency care under this program.

At the same time, the percentage of uninsured Americans had been rising due to an increase in the rate of unemployment.

In summary, the Act aims at lowering the cost of healthcare incurred by Americans, increasing healthcare insurance coverage and eliminating the burden of health care on average Americans.This trend is a continuation of history, as policymakers who pushed previous iterations of healthcare reform during previous presidential administrations also employed universal language in publicizing their efforts.Yet policymakers did not include groups like the undocumented in their policy proposals.Although the Act has numerous benefits to the targeted population, it has been viewed as controversial by some segments of the US population.Most sizeable among these groups are certain classes of noncitizens, including but not limited to undocumented immigrants.bear significantly higher financial burdens in complying with the individual mandate than U. citizens and LPRs who are eligible to receive Medicaid. [T]he Affordable Care Act explicitly prohibits those who are not “lawfully present” from (1) accessing temporary high-risk pools for those with preexisting conditions; (2) enrolling in special state-created plans for low-income individuals not eligible for Medicaid; (3) enrolling in new health care cooperatives; (4) receiving cost-sharing subsidies or premium tax credits to purchase health insurance; and (5) purchasing policies in the newly created exchanges, even without the benefit of government subsidies or credits.This is especially unfortunate given that newly arrived LPRs “are statistically the least likely to have employer provided coverageand tend to earn less than citizens or immigrants [who] have been in the country for longer periods of time.” reduces federal funding for immigration status–blind emergency medical treatment, which negatively impacts the ability of non-Medicaid eligible legal permanent residents to access emergency healthcare particularly in geographic areas with high concentrations of recently arrived LPRs, nonimmigrants, and undocumented immigrants. citizens or lawful permanent residents,’s cuts to federal funding for emergency medical treatment irrespective of immigration status will presumably negatively affect nonimmigrants, and emergency rooms, particularly if this group is not eligible for premium tax credits, participation in health exchanges, and cost-sharing subsidies available to recently arrived LPRs. The law does not even spare those granted deferred action under President Obama’s high-profile directive this spring to protect many immigrants who arrived in the United States without papers as minors from being denied access to healthcare.’s alternative means of obtaining health insurance and are thus more dependent on emergency healthcare.In addition to that, the act directs the establishment of health care programs such as anti-obesity and smoking cessation programs.The Act also offers Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that prevents discrimination of Americans by insurance companies due to their pre-existing conditions.The Affordable Care Act has numerous features and impacts.With regard to the preventive care, it covers a list of over 100 preventive care services for children and adults.


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