Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner

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These progress notes are tightly integrated with the client’s unique treatment plan.

You may choose the option within Thera Scribe to add a brief classic narrative note to the prewritten Progress Planner note.

And because you have such a wide variety of suggestions for Definitions, Goals, Objectives and Interventions to select from you will find that you develop a much more detailed plan than you ever have before when you had to think of every element on your own and write or type them on out from scratch. How can I be sure that the content of these modules is solid?

You can be confident in the content of these modules because they were developed by seasoned experts in their field and many of the modules contain research-backed Interventions. Jongsma wrote every module with the leadership of therapists who were well trained in the specific aspect covered by that module (e.g., Addictions, Military, Couples, etc.).

Next the clinician and the client select Goals to be reached at the end of treatment.

These goal statements are broad and not necessarily behaviorally based or measurable.

The modules provide new ideas for treatment with many of those designated as Evidence Based Treatment (EBT) alternatives. How long does it take to create a treatment plan using the Practice Planner content?

Once the client’s demographic data has been entered a treatment plan for a primary presenting problem in less than 20 minutes.

Consistent with this definition, we have identified those psychological treatments with the best available supporting research evidence, added Objectives and Interventions consistent with them for the pertinent presenting problems, and identified these Objectives and Interventions on the screen with this symbol: .

The other 21 Treatment Planner modules contain widely used, best practice interventions created by recognized experts for the specific population or approach covered by the module.


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