Acupuncture Business Plan

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John Doe enters the office with neck pain and lower back pain.

These are just quick examples of treatment strategies.

Please take a look at many of our other Health CMi acupuncture continuing education courses and articles on local acupuncture points, distal points, scalp points, auricular points and others for many ways to treat neck and back pain. However, if you do not bill for the other body part you may inadvertently contribute to closing the patient’s health care claim due to non-treatment.

We have received many questions regarding how to legally bill general insurance, auto/PI insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

This gets a little tricky when someone has two complaints and each individual complaint is covered by a different type of insurance.

Finally, let’s get into the long-term financial structures of our acupuncturist practices and how to create a prosperous career and potential for retirement income.

We will compare passive income benefits with fee for service issues.Remember, the following is a general national guideline but state laws vary.Perhaps the easiest way to go over this issue is by example.As part of the PPACA implementation, the US Department of Health and Human Services directed each state to determine the exact meaning of preventative care by law. For example, the California legislature adopted a Kaiser Permanente plan as a basic standard.Essentially, all health insurance plans must provide at the very least the amount of care provided in the selected Kaiser Permanente plan.The plan includes acupuncture and therefore the state now requires its inclusion in health insurance plans. Large group and self-insured plans are completely unaffected in 2014.The PPACA does not directly impact issues such as co-pays and deductibles.In many states, an acupuncturist cannot accept cash for the worker’s compensation related lower back pain and must bill the worker’s compensation insurance carrier unless there is a written denial by the carrier.Keep separate chart notes for John Doe with separate computer entries for billing.To learn about plans that also cover “supplemental” durable medical equipment items, All Kaiser Permanente Small Business plans cover “base” durable medical equipment items that are essential health benefits.We covered acupuncture CPT billing codes and ICD-9 & ICD-10 diagnosis codes in our prior blog article on acupuncture insurance billing.


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