A Visit To An Interesting Place Essay

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A picnic or a visit opens the door of pleasant change to individual and group life.

Holidays especially week-ends are always enjoyable as they provide us blessed breaks to change hard routines.

Later, some of my partners went to different places around the zoo.

Consequently, they got lost, so we had to look for them.

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A Visit To An Interesting Place Essay

Este es un blog que utilizaron mis alumnos en la clase de escritura, lo incluyo como muestra de un recurso para la materia de Diseño y uso de Recursos didácticos para el Diplomado en Competencias Docentes (12 Agosto de 2010) REMEMBER THAT IN ORDER TO IMPROVE OUR WRITING AND GET NEW IDEAS, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SHARE AND SEE OTHER WRITING STYLES. :)Have you ever felt happiness and worry in one day?Last Junday, when the One week Mid-Term holidays started our group of friends decided to visit the historical Qasim Bagh at Multan. Different duties of arrangements were assigned to different persons. The mellow sunshine, the cool breeze and above all the scene of sunrise was amazing. After a journey of two hours, we reached Qasim Bagh. The other historical centres are Bambore, Maklee, Thatta, Lahore, Multan and Texila.There were hundreds of people enjoying themselves of weekend. They attract thousands of foreign tourists every year.When they appeared, the teacher scolded them, and finally, we had to abandon the place. Suddenly, the bus was advancing slowly and then it stopped, the teacher let us know that the bus was damaged, my partners and I were worried about staying there all the night, but we only were there around 3 hours.After that, the chauffeur could fix the bus and we continued our way, while another teacher told us a horror story.It was a splendid combination of old and modern art of construction. The Hiran Minar at Shakbupara tells of the strange story of great love of the emperior for his deer. I was transported into the past and felt myself part and parcel of the scene.On the One side, it reflected the historical aspect of Muhammad Bin Qasim. The grand Shah Jahan Mosque with its spacious yards and bara-darees, in red stone, made us spellbound.We had fun in a rollercoaster among other rides, but then we were tired, so we decided to rest.We rested in a train that carried us around the zoo to watch different animals.I always enjoy visits to historical places very much. The weather was very fine and fit for pleasure trip. All in all, it was an ideal day for a visit to a historical place. She is famous for her historical places, monuments and buildings.It is my routine to visit and go for a picnic with my family and friends whenever find free time and get a chance to do so. The plan and program regarding the date, day, time and mode of traveling were finalized. So, on the fixed time we all gathered at the college gate. The journey started very early in the morning as it is a tradition of traveling to start journey as early as possible. During the journey, we sang songs, raised slogans and shared gossip and jokes. We returned home with sweet and enjoyable memories of this wonderful visit. Mahon-jo-Daro and Harrapa are the oldest centers of civilization.


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