A Lesson From The Amish Essay

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He stormed into the Amish school and shot all ten of the girls, killing five of them. This tragic event put a spotlight on a community of people who shun publicity and intentionally distance themselves from worldly influences. But it was their reaction to this tragedy that revealed the depth of their grace and the power of forgiveness.

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That same morning, Charlie Roberts said goodbye to his own two children at the bus stop.

Angry at God for the death of his first child, Roberts was intent on revenge.

In fact, all meals are sit-down affairs taken together as a family.

Children learn specific skills from their parents and work along side them daily on the farm or in the house.

But in our everyday lives , we are clearly so different from this quiet community of simple and spiritual people.

While our lives are full of distractions, material things, technology, and endless sources of entertainment, the Amish seek to separate from the world and anything that would be a distraction from God, community and family life.

Family Life Family is the most important social unit in Amish culture.

Children are welcomed joyfully with as many as 7 to 10 children in a family.

The elderly are highly respected and cared for, living with the family until they die.

Family roles are traditional with the man responsible for wage-earning, discipline and spiritual direction. Families spend a great deal of time together working, eating and socializing.


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