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That should not of been aloud but it was and sometimes is still used today.Grant also teaches in a black school, which is separated from the white school.We can observe the problem of racism in several episodes in the novel. The court decided that it will be better for Jefferson to have a white man as a lawyer. Everybody understood that Jefferson’s death was something like a sacrifice.

That should not of been aloud but it was and sometimes is still used today.

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And Grant is not going to be a part of this system, he prefers to stay away and that’s why does not want to assist the guilty.

But at last he changed his mind and was going to help poor Jefferson. He changed Jefferson’s life and he proved Jefferson that he is a special and the kind man. This book it is not the only case, when black people suffered in the “white society”.

This was unfair for every black person living in that time period. There was actually a law that made a city separate the black and whites.

It also says that blacks and whites were not aloud to eat or drink in the same bars and the same restaurants.

Another way Jefferson is segregated is when he is sent to prison for his supposed crime and he is placed in the black section of the prison. Also this quote from The Jim Crow Law (every southern state ........

Every time that Grant wants to go out for a nice meal or something to drink he has to go to a separate restaurant in the so-called "black" part of town. one black the other white) shows racial segregation.

The most significant Grant’s goal was to help Jefferson to become another person.

But firstly Grant himself should comprehend the meaning of this concept (who is a real man and what he should to do). It is finally over.” Suddenly Grant understood that Jefferson was a good student and absolutely learnt a lesson before dying.

Reading this tragic story we can understand that through the whole novel, the narrator tells about the eternal opposition of racism and injustice.

As for me, racism was always a great problem, and I am not sure that nowadays this problem has disappeared.


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