2012 Presidential Candidate Essay

While the popular vote was fairly close, Obama won nearly all of the battleground states, which gave him a solid electoral college victory.He carried every state that he won in 2008 save two — Indiana and North Carolina.

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Republicans had already capitalized on dissatisfaction with the Obama administration by capturing control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 midterm elections (Sabato 2011).

That led them to believe they could make Obama a one-term president in 2012.

The convention then votes n a platform, drawn up by the platform committee.

By the third or fourth day, presidential nominations begin.

The chairman calls the roll of states alphabetically.

A state may place a candidate in nomination or yield to another state.

Voting, again alphabeticaly by roll call of states, begins after all nominations have been made and seconded.

A simple majority is required in each party, although this may require many ballots.

Campaign issues and candidate positions Campaign strategies and developments The 2012 presidential election ended with a clear electoral college but narrow popular vote victory for Obama.

He won 52.0 percent of the two-party vote (51.1 percent of the total vote) and 332 electoral college votes, compared to Romney's 206.


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